Valikoimaan on tullut lisää levyjä – Tällä hetkellä löydät myymälästä: yli 50.000 äänitettä.

A: From London brand new pressings 1000 pcs- rock, blues, jazz, heavy, progressive rock, collectors albums.

B: Used albums more than 30.000 pcs : blues and jazz, prog and rock, country and folk, female artists, world music and traditional,  folk and country, rare records for collectors, classical music albums (+3000 different), rock-n-roll, rockabilly, nostalgic pop from the 60s and 70s, soundtracks, spirituals and gospel. Suomalaista musiikkia. Love harvinaisuuksia.

C: Singles 45RPM – 15.000 pcs – all genres – from home use and from jukeboxes. More than 10.000 different titles.

D: CD-records – more than  7000 pcs. All genres.
E:  Old 78 RMP ”stone cakes” – savikiekkoja –  more than 600 pcs
And much, much more…..

All this now now at  Italahdenkatu 20 – only 100 meters from the old address.